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iiYoga™ Treatment Levels

You can experience The iiYoga™ System in 4 levels of treatment.

iiYoga™ Basic - Daily practices to deal with stress, anxiety, blockages, and to secure peak performance. Individual sessions with an iiYoga™ certified instructor recommended for tutorial sessions, or for deeper work. Eye, tongue and finger movements, head massage, breathing and mantras.

iiYoga™ Voice - A deeper experience with an iiYoga™ certified instructor to help you release deep trauma, to release chronic pain or negative patterns, or journey past addictions and develop more effective strategies for manifesting your dreams.
Somatic Release Method™ (SRM), Non-Linear Voice Method™ (NLVM) meditation, Shadowboxing

iiYoga™ Body - Classes and workouts from certified instructors to keep the iiYoga™ methods alive in the body for weight loss, body sculpting, improve connection with Source while working out, deepen in intimacy with yourself and others, and improved health, vitality through accessing and circulating sexual energy.
Yogaboxing™, Yogini Yoga, VajraTara Tantra, Yogawalking™, iiChi Workout™, iiTai™

iiYoga™ Source - Classes, sessions, and lectures from a certified iiYoga™ Sourcer on the iiYoga™ cosmology and how to access enlightenment states, and to restructure the energy bodies for the highest connections.
Universal Theory of Healing™, Ego-lution™ and Constellation Theory, Body Matrix™

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Sleep Better
Relieve Stress
Relieve Pain
Relief from back pain, migraines, muscle soreness.
Improve Concentration
Sexual sensitivity, and Circulation

Use it everyday as part of exercise/meditation.

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