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"I have used the iiYoga techniques with some of my patients and was surprised about its efficiency in the treatment of even very deep trauma cases. My long term experiences in treating patients with regular psycho-analytical methods are showing that iiYoga can not only enlarge but also be the most efficient way to find the door to the unconscious."
Dr. Agnes Bone

“In my iiYoga phone session I felt something stirring in my ovaries after just a few sets of eye movements. It’s that same feeling I get when I’m ovulating. I think iiYoga could be great for women who are having difficulty becoming pregnant.”
Patricia Grube, Teen Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga teacher

"As a massage therapist I can see the application of iiYoga to my clients helping them to further relax various areas while I work on them. I personally relieved a serious leg cramp in less than 5 minutes doing iiYoga"
Kay Kirkby, Massage Therapist.

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