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The Secrets to iiYoga™

iiYoga™ is an easy-to-learn system involving various eye, tongue, and finger movement patterns and breath techniques that can be practiced anywhere, anytime by anyone without the surrounding environment being a factor (i.e., being watched by others).

The secret to iiYoga™ is how easy it is to practice. In 30 seconds, just by closing your eyes, placing your tongue at the upper palate in the mouth, breathing deep, and moving your eyes in a specific direction, any negative pattern, bad habit or urge to act negatively or inconsistently with life goals can be stopped. In less than 5-minutes a new healing pattern can be established that is more consistent with your life goals and desires.

The iiYoga™ eye, tongue and finger movements (Eye Pendulation Process™) instantly relax the part of the brain responsible for input and output of neurotransmissions to the spinal cord (Reticular Activating System). The various tongue movements (Enteric Reprocessing), in iiYoga™ make a deep connection with the Enteric Nervous System (digestive system which contains more nerve cells than the spinal cord).

While other coaching and healing systems require multiple sessions where a therapist is doing the work and you learn very little about how your body and mind work, with iiYoga™ it takes less than 5-minutes to create new patterns of behavior. You become aware of how negative patterns develop and how easily they can be released, because you are actually performing the movements yourself. This strengthens your confidence and self belief that you can in fact heal yourself, and create the change you desire in your life.

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