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The Scandinavian iiyoga™ Center in Oslo

Welcome to our iiyoga™ Center in central Oslo at Rinzai Zen Senteret.

For info and bookings of workshops and trainings and contact info to our Instructors please contact: Karin O’Sullivan.

Current Training Schedule

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Mobile: +47 97 60 57 80.
Email:   iiyoga@online.no.
Web:    www.iiyoga.com

Address: Rinzai Zen Senteret, Grønlandsleiret 39, 0190 Oslo

Website: www.rinzai-zen.no

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Sleep Better
Relieve Stress
Relieve Pain
Relief from back pain, migraines, muscle soreness.
Improve Concentration
Sexual sensitivity, and Circulation

Use it everyday as part of exercise/meditation.

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