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iiYoga Background

The iiYoga™ system was invented by American Yoga teacher Joshua Isaacs over a period of 20 years.

Specializing in Tantric systems from Tibet, Egypt and India Joshua studied various aspects of yoga, transformation, dance, biomechanics, physiology, martial arts, and psychology.

Joshua Isaacs

The word “yoga” is Sanskrit meaning “union”. We are all familiar with yoga as a physical and relaxing mental practice with origins in India where the mind and body are unified through the alignment of spinal energy centers.

Utilizing yogic practices, iiYoga™ brings together mind, body and spirit into One, non-dualistic, non-separated organism able to truly experience the richness and fullness of life without being stopped by fear. From a state of oneness, life can take on an entirely different meaning. We can be free of patterns that hold us back.

iiYoga™ stands for the merging of the i “the self” with the i “the Universe” to create a singular awareness that is timeless and causeless. iiYoga™ blends together yoga, psychology, Tantric healing, movement, biomechanics, physics, physiology, mental conditioning, life coaching, physical fitness, color therapy, aromatherapy and use of crystals to create a fast and effective system for experiencing breakthrough results.

iiYoga was launched in 2006 after Joshua met Simon Hedley, whose background encompasses Tai Chi (Triple British Gold Medallist), NLP, Massage, and much more.

Together they refined the core syllabus of iiYoga, and continue to research, develop, share and train iiYoga™.

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