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Heal Yourself in Minutes While Living Your Dreams

iiYoga™ is a life coaching technology and body healing system that involves eye movements, tongue movements, finger movements, head massage and deep breathing to bring about incredibly fast and effective results.

iiYoga™ has helped clients relieve stress and anxiety, back pain, migraines, deep trauma, ashthma, insomnia, deep emotional patterns, digestive disorders, weight loss, loss of confidence, even helped people to quit smoking in one session.

People have used iiYoga™ as an incredibly fast breakthrough technology to create results at work, on projects, improvement in finances, and to accelerate the flow of velocity and energy in their organization.


Classes in Oslo, Norway
November 2008

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Relief from back pain, migraines, muscle soreness.
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Sexual sensitivity, and Circulation

Use it everyday as part of exercise/meditation.

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